Tips and Tricks

Pace yourself

If you are going to be out over several hours – either in town or at friends, you could consume much more alcoholic beverages than you realise. A great way to stay on top is to alternate soft drinks or water with each alcoholic drink. Alcohol is dehydrating, so water or long refreshing pacers make a big difference – especially if you’re dancing and using energy!

Also, drinking in rounds is pushing consumption, so opt out and drink at your own pace.

Have a quick bite

It’s very tempting, especially if you’re going out straight from the office, not to eat. Having a sandwich or a quick snack before you go out will line your stomach and alcohol will not be absorbed so quickly into the blood stream.

Never drink and drive

It’s just not worth it. The worse case scenarios for drunk-driving are you, or others being killed or seriously injured. You risk losing your driving license, substantial fines and/or prison. Visit your country website to know what will happen to you if caught under alcohol influence.

Plan ahead how you’re going to get home before you go out:

  • If you are by car, decide before leaving who is going to be the designated driver that evening. It should not always be the same
    person, take turn!
  • If you are by taxi, make sure you have the number of a reliable company with you and enough spare cash to pay for it. And if use a taxi App, make sure your phone is fully charged before heading out.
  • If you are on public transport, make sure you know the time of the last bus or metro home.
  • Alternatively, ask if you can stay the night if going to a friend’s house.
  • And remember, drinking with food slows the absorption of alcohol into your body but nothing can speed up the rate at which alcohol is broken down (about one drink per hour), except time, meaning that after a heavy night of drinking you could be over the drink drive limit the next morning.

Look out for each other

Don’t take the risk of being in an uncomfortable situation by either going home after a night out on our own or with a stranger.

Be cautious

Never leave your drink unattended in bars and clubs or accept drinks from complete strangers.

Be a good host at home:

  • Always serve food – preferably not salty snacks that make you drink more!
  • If you’re serving home made cocktails or punch, don’t make them too strong – and have shot measures if guests are mixing their own.
  • If a few guests are getting drunk, encourage them to have a soft drink or to sit down and eat something.
  • Keep a special eye out for young people and make sure they do not access alcoholic beverages without parental consent and control.
  • Make sure everyone can get home safely, with a sober driver, reliable public transport, or a licensed taxi. Alternatively offer them a bed for the night.
  • Last but not least – don’t drink too much yourself!